25. September 2020
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Laser engraving

Laser inscription

Laser inscription refers to the labeling or marking of objects with the help of an intense laser beam. Contrary to the laser printing, whereby a low laser radiation is used by pigment printing on the printed material, the laser marking change the labeled material itself. The procedure and the use of energy depend on the material. Laser Inscriptions are waterproof, washable and very durable.  They can be created quickly, automatically and individually. Therefore, the method is used for numbering of individual parts.  Also the inscription of very small signs, such as the QR Code or Data Matrix, directly on the products is here also possible.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Laser engraving badge
Laser engraving badge
Laser engraving badge
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Laser engraving badge metal plate gold
Laser engraving metal plate gold


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